Short story: I went to SCAD. I had babies. I paint. I am trying to make my short time here count. Drawing and painting has been an everyday thing since I can remember, since I was a small child. I don’t think there was ever a question for me, or anyone that knows me that this is what I would be doing. Early on, my parents gave me the freedom to truly do what I wanted with my life and if I have any talent it’s from them. I feel like I would be squandering the gift if I weren’t giving this all I’ve got. I am painting abstractly now. Sometimes I make realistic work, but lately it’s how I have been processing things. Specifically, my work deals with the things I cannot resolve and express with words, the conversations I can’t have, anger, loss, the way I feel when struck by something beautiful, secrets. I want the viewer to take away what they want from it.



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