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Hello! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to view my work. Talking and writing about it isn't something I feel like I do well, honestly, but I'll try. Sharing my work with you is thrilling and comes with a certain vulnerability. I paint from a very intuitive and expressive place, often taking inspiration from nature and the world around me, always tempered by what is going in within--and that's been a lot lately, from gratitude, to fear, anxiety, uncertainty, love, longing. It's keeping me going. My recent watercolor paintings feel almost like journal entries, or jaunts to places I can't go and see for myself these days. Some of them even look like maps. Clearly, I need a vacation. It's been a crazy year. I have been painting at home instead of my studio while my two elementary school aged daughters have been in virtual school. This change of location, confinement, and presence of children while working + the surprise open mic and constant cameras has been such a shift and one for my work as well. My movements are smaller, the scale is smaller, things feel more controlled and deliberate lately, careful, all reflective of the state of our world and the measures we must take to be safe and healthy. I miss the expansive, wild, free, textured work of the past and hope to return to it one day as my sweet girls return to school in person, and I can safely return to my studio. Meanwhile, I am relishing the time with my family and appreciative that I can work from home. I hope all is well in your lives and that you enjoy seeing a peek into mine.

The shop is brand new, and long over due. I am so excited to share it.  Please feel free to reach out about commissions, collaborations, lessons, or just to say hi.


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