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Acrylic and drawing media on wood panel



Signed and Dated

"8/11/2022" is an original abstract artwork by Crysta Luke that measures 18 x 18 inches.

The painting features a striking blend of warm and cool colors, with shades of blue, green, pink, and violet dominating the canvas. The colors are blended together beautifully, creating a sense of depth and movement throughout the piece. The brushwork in this painting is bold and expressive, with sweeping lines and bold strokes that give the artwork a sense of energy and dynamism.

There's an intricate balance between the vivid colors and the empty spaces in the painting, which creates a sense of mystery and intrigue for the viewer. The overall feel of the artwork is calming and soothing, yet it still retains a sense of vitality and energy that makes it an ideal addition to any space.

"8/11/2022" is a beautiful and skillfully crafted artwork that brings a sense of vibrancy and sophistication to any room it's displayed in.

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